Dry ellbows – what helps

Frau cremt sich ihren Ellenbogen ein

This article was written in collaboration with our skin expert Dr. Buder-Bakhaya, specialist in dermatology, venereology and allergology. What are the causes of dry elbows?

Lime water and the skin

Frau die sich Wasser ins Gesicht spritzt

Kalkhaltiges Wasser kann zu trockener Haut und Hautkrankheiten führen. Erfahren Sie hier mehr über den Einfluss der Wasserhärte auf unsere Haut.

The right facial care for 30+


Learn how your skin changes from 30 and how you can delay the natural aging process by means of optimal facial care.

Dry skin on the face

Trockene-Haut-im Gesicht

Feeling good in our own skin – that’s what we all want. However, when the skin on your face is taut and itchy, it’s not that easy. To change this, we reveal the causes of dryness on the face and simple care tips with which you can rebuild the skin’s protective barrier.

Dry skin on the legs – helpful skincare tips

Frau im Bademantel cremt sich die Beine ein

Dryness on the legs, rough knees or scaly shins are not only unpleasant, but also indicate that the skin in these areas lacks moisture and care. But what exactly is the cause of rough and dry skin on the legs and what can you do to restore enough moisture to the dried-out skin? Learn tips and tricks on how to avoid dry skin on your legs.

Top 3 tips against dry skin in winter

Dry skin in winter vs. desert soil

You have also noticed that your facial skin is drier than usual in winter? Or do your hands tend to be chapped during the winter months? Fortunately, there is not only a very simple explanation for this, but also three simple tips that you can use to combat dry skin in winter.