Skin knowledge Guide Skin problems due to the mouth-nose protection: dry skin under the mask
Dry skin under the mask

Skin problems due to the mouth-nose protection: dry skin under the mask

Due to the everyday wearing of a protective mask, our facial skin faces great challenges. As a result, irritation, impurities and dry patches can occur on the face, especially in sensitive skin. But even normal skin often shows irritations and skin irritations due to the increased use of a mouthguard, which can eventually lead to dry skin under the mask.

Why does dry skin occur under the mask?

As a rule, our facial skin is used to not being covered and thus receiving a lot of air exchange. But what happens when the skin is constantly covered by a face mask? Because we humans speak and breathe at the same time, a lot of moisture forms in the narrow space between the skin and the mouth-nose protection. If we put the mask on for only a few minutes, this moisture can quickly escape, but if we wear the face mask for several hours, moisture builds up. For people with sensitive skin, this process – hyperhydration – can lead to skin irritation. The reason for this is that the horny layer – the outer layer of the skin – softens and the skin barrier is damaged. Based on this, a lack of lipids occurs and the natural moisturizing factors of the skin are no longer able to bind sufficient moisture in the skin. Increased transepidermal water loss occurs, causing the upper layer of the skin to dry out. Dry skin due to the mask is the result. If you are already prone to dry facial skin, this problem can even be exacerbated by constantly wearing a protective mask. In this article you will learn basic information about dry skin on the face.

Welche ist die richtige Pflege bei trockener Haut unter der Maske?

Because the mouth guard may well become a longer-term part of our everyday life, it is important to give the skin sufficient care and thus prevent the consequences such as dry skin under the mask. So, below we will explain what proper facial care for dry skin under the mouth guard can look like and how you can rebuild the skin protection barrier.

An essential part of the care should be to clean the skin thoroughly in the morning and evening, but with mild products. After drying and before applying the mask, you should also use a light face cream that provides the skin with sufficient moisture (e.g. with panthenol). Allow the cream to absorb before pulling the clean protective mask over your face. Even if it is difficult for you, you should avoid using make-up on dry skin areas in the mask area, as the moist environment between the fabric and the skin can cause the skin to redden and become inflamed. As a result, pimples develop, which can even develop into mask acne.

Richer skin care products (e.g. creams or nourishing face masks) should only be applied in the evening, or when you know that you will no longer be putting on a mask. Here it is recommended, for example, to use products with the ingredient urea, because this binds moisture, enriches it in the skin and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier.

What are the everyday tips to prevent dry skin under the mask?

Choose the right mask

Wear a properly fitting mask. It is also best to use different masks to avoid prolonged friction and pressure on the same area.

Application of moisturizers or gel

Use a light moisturizer or gel before wearing the mask to reduce friction between the skin and the mask.

Wash face with lukewarm water

Avoid cleaning your face with water that is too hot, so as not to put additional stress on your skin barrier.

Our product tips for dry skin under the mask


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