Skin knowledge Guide The skin microbiome – what you should know
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The skin microbiome - what you should know

Your skin protects your body from external influences. But the skin itself also needs protection – the so-called microbiome is responsible for this. The skin microbiome behaves like a complex biological system. As long as the system is in balance, it can protect your skin from external influences. That’s why the microbiome is so important for skin health and natural beauty.

What exactly is the skin microbiome?

On the surface of the human skin is the skin microbiome, an ecosystem of almost invisible microorganisms. The skin microbiome is therefore the totality of all these living organisms that are found on the skin. These microorganisms – also called microbes – include bacteria, fungi and also viruses. The skin enters into a symbiosis with the microorganisms, which leads to the formation of a natural protective layer for the skin.

What are the functions of the skin microbiome?

The skin microbiome is important for your health. It protects your skin from pathogens or environmental influences and helps strengthen your immune system. To ensure an intact protective function, the beneficial microorganisms keep the bad bacteria in check. However, not only the good microorganisms are essential. It depends on the right balance of the different microorganisms. Even the supposedly bad germs can stimulate the immune system to essential protective reactions and ward off dangerous germs. At the same time, care should be taken to ensure that the good co-inhabitants do not get out of hand, as this can otherwise lead to skin problems.

How can I support the skin's microbiome?

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Be absolutely sure not to permanently damage or even remove the skin’s microbiome through intensive, repeated care and disinfection. In order for the skin’s microbiome to function like a protective shield and act as a barrier, you must properly care for your acid mantle (hydrolipid film) on the skin’s surface.

Product tips to protect the skin microbiome