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The right facial care from 30. woman applying face cream

The right facial care for 30+

Why you should adjust your facial care routine once again after 30

The right facial care is the basis for healthy skin. However, because our skin changes over the course of our lives, facial care should also be constantly adjusted. Many people become aware of this especially when the magic age limit of 30 is exceeded and the fear of wrinkles becomes great. In the following, we will tell you how your skin changes and how you can delay the natural aging process by means of an optimal facial care from 30.

How does the facial skin change from 30?

After 30, several processes come together that can contribute to skin aging. Cell regeneration slows down, the skin tends to become drier and the body’s own production of collagen and elastin decreases. This in turn leads to a reduction in the skin’s elasticity and support, and the skin cannot simply compensate for wrinkles or plump them up again. Where facial expression wrinkles used to become invisible again within seconds, they suddenly persist for several minutes. If we also spend a lot of time in the sun, UV radiation not only reduces the skin’s regenerative power, but also highlights pigment spots. The result is: the complexion of the facial skin looks less radiant.

Tips for the right facial care from 30

Here comes the good news: We can’t stop skin aging, but we can postpone it. You can find out how this is possible in our following tips for the right facial care from 30.

1. Sleep

Beauty Sleep? Yes, this tip seems very obvious at first glance, however, sufficient sleep is the basis for facial care from 30 and should therefore not be underestimated. The reason for this is that the skin regenerates during sleep and important processes such as the production of collagen are carried out. Moreover, a restful night not only revitalizes and relaxes your skin, but also allows you to perform each of your daily activities with more energy. Our recommendation for facial care from 30: Treat yourself to eight hours of sleep to wake up with a radiant complexion.

Schlafende Frau

2. Moisturizing Face Care Products

In order to optimally support the facial skin from the age of 30 and thus prevent the formation of wrinkles, the skin’s elasticity should be increased. To achieve this goal, the natural moisture depots must be replenished. Care products containing the active ingredient urea, for example, are suitable for this purpose. As a natural moisturizing factor, urea penetrates deep into the upper layers of the skin and provides intensive and long-lasting moisture. In addition, the skin’s protective barrier is strengthened and the skin is protected against dehydration. In addition, your facial care routine from the age of 30 should include ingredients that your skin can no longer produce itself in sufficient quantities. This includes, for example, hyaluron, an ingredient that is responsible for storing moisture.

Hyaluron und Urea

In addition to a moisturizing day care, a rich cream for the night is also important for facial care from 30. The skin care ingredients contained can be particularly effective at night, as they literally help the skin while it sleeps. Moisturizing ingredients such as organic aloe vera or hyaluronic acid in a night cream are therefore particularly recommended.

3. Care from the Inside

Beauty comes from the inside. This is not just said so, but is based on scientific findings that prove us that nutrition can have a significant impact on the skin. Therefore, to support the beautiful appearance of the skin, nutrition is an important part of your facial care from 30. Overall, it is recommended to consume less sugar and convenience products, drink coffee only in moderation and consume less alcohol. Excessive consumption of these products promotes skin aging and causes the elasticity of your skin to decrease and wrinkles to appear more quickly.

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