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Extremely dry skin

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Extremely dry skin

Learn everything you need to know about extremely dry skin now. From symptoms and causes to care.

Symptoms and causes of extremely dry skin

Extremely dry skin is a common problem with different manifestations. . Depending on the degree of severity, the feeling of tightness varies. The skin is rough and tends to itch. In neurodermatitis patients, for example, the skin is characterised not only by extreme dryness but also by an increased tendency to eczema and a particularly persistent, severe itching. Due to the impaired skin barrier function, the skin is also exposed to an increased risk of allergies.

There are various causes for extremely dry skin. Skin diseases, such as psoriasis and neurodermatitis, increasingly contribute to an altered skin appearance. Compared to healthy skin, extremely dry skin contains 50 % less urea. This lack of the skin’s own moisturising factors leads to increased transepidermal water loss. This effect is enhanced by a disturbed skin barrier due to reduced lipid formation, which significantly increases the moisture loss.

Proper care for extremely dry skin

Extremely dry skin needs a coordinated care regimen to replenish the lost moisture and to protect it from further moisture loss. The high-quality care formulas of numis® med UREA support the regeneration of the disturbed skin barrier and help extremely dry skin to restore its protective function.

Product recommendations for extremely dry skin