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Psoriasis: Learn more about the symptoms, causes and care for psoriasis.

Symptoms and causes of psoriasis

Psoriasis is the medical term for psoriasis. It is a genetic, non-conctious but chronic skin disease. Typical symptoms are partial, inflammatory redness and scales on the skin.

The skin irritations occur in so-called relapsed, which may subside after some time. Everyone who carries the genetic predisposition can develop psoriasis. But that is not always the case. However, in combination with certain triggers such as stress, infection or mechanical movements, this predisposition can trigger an outbreak of disease.

The cause of psoriasis is a defective immune response. The immune system attacks the body’s own tissue, which is equal to an injury and thus causes inflammation. This stimulates a constant production of new skin cells. Due to this overproduction, skin cells migrate too quickly to the surface of the skin. However, since they are not yet fully developed, they do not detach, but stick together. This results in raised, reddened areas of skin covered with silvery-white scales – the so-called plaques.

Psoriasis is not curable, but with the right care, the skin can be supported in retaining moisture in the long term.

Proper care for psoriasis

Proper skin care is an essential part of any effective psoriasis therapy. The skin of those affected is prone to irritation and is extremely dry. The few remaining skin fat is dissolved by hot water and soaps. Therefore, psoriatics should only take a short shower with lukewarm water and use skin-neutral, re-greasing cleansing products. Products with urea and glycerine are suitable for this purpose. For further skin care products should be used in psoriasis that compensate for the lack of moisture in the skin.

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Product recommendations for psoriasis